The genealogical and historical information is based primarily on two sources:

1. the fourteen-generation pedigree of the Wuffing king Ælfwald (c.713-749) preserved in the Anglian Collection of Old English royal genealogies (for a discussion of this important source and its relation to Old English heroic poetry, see my book, The Origins of Beowulf and the pre-Viking Kingdom of East Anglia, pp.57-64, 77-81, and the references there cited); and

2. the allusions to the East Anglian royal family provided by the famous Northumbrian monk Bede in his early eighth-century Historia Ecclesiastica (the most accessible translation is still that by Leo Sherley-Price, Bede: A History of the English Church and People [Penguin Classics, 1955, 1968]).

For other sources and related studies, see my Wuffing Studies Reading Lists

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