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Welcome to my Wuffings’ Website, which aims to provide a focus for the study of Sutton Hoo and the history and culture of the Wuffing Kingdom of East Anglia and beyond.

Please scroll down for information about (1) Wuffing Education study-days, (2) my weekly seminars, (3) my lectures, (4) my works, (5) my books and publications, and (6) some old but still occasionally useful resources for Wuffing & Sutton Hoo Studies.

1. Wuffing Education Online Study-Days and Live Study-Mornings 2024 (more events to follow)

Friday 17th May 2024: Ghost-Ships of the Wuffings – an online study-day with Dr Sam Newton FSA, exploring the ship-burials at Sutton Hoo and Snape and their significance, drawing on literary and archaeological parallels.

Friday 7th June 2024: The Forgotten History of Danish East Anglia – an online study-day with Dr Sam Newton FSA. An attempt to chart the largely forgotten history of Anglo-Danish East Anglia from the late 9th to early the 11th centuries.

Friday 28th June 2024: Beowulf and the First Dragons of English Art and Literature an online study-day with Dr Sam Newton FSA looking at the first dragons of English art & literature and their relation to barrows and treasure.

Friday 12th July 2024: Beowulf and the Forgotten Pre-History of the English-Speaking Peoples – an online study-day with Dr Sam Newton FSA aiming to map something of the historical roots of the heroic legends in Beowulf.

or click here for the full programme on Eventbrite.

Autumn Term 2024
Part of the provisional programme as scheduled so far (both live study-mornings and online study-days) – more dates and details to follow:

21st September 2024: Life-Lore: Old English Proverbs and Wisdom Literature – an online study-day with Dr Eleanor Parker exploring the world of the Old English-speaking peoples through their traditions of wisdom literature;

18th October 2024: The Battle of Assandún (18th October 1016) – an online study-day with Dr Sam Newton on anniversary of the battle that is least as important in English history as the the Battle of Hastings 50 years later;

25th October 2024: The Battle of Agincourt (25th October 1415) – a live study-morning on the anniversary of this famous battle with world-class scholar Dr Toby Capwell;

also The Viking Great Armies of the Ninth Century – an online study-day with Dr Gareth Williams (date to be confirmed); and 

The Golden Age of Pathogens, 1300-1600 AD – a live study-morning with Professor Mark Bailey (date to be confirmed).

please note that these events are not recorded

2. Weekly Morning Seminars in Sutton Hoo Studies 2024, live and online

please click here for the latest schedule.

3. If you wish to book me to deliver a lecture or study-day, click here for a selection of titles.

4. About Me and My Works

5. My Books:

The Reckoning of King Rædwald (2003)

The Origins of Beowulf and the pre-Viking Kingdom of East Anglia (1993)

My more recent published papers, such as “The Forgotten History of St Bótwulf (Botolph)” (2016), can be downloaded from my page on Academia
6. Resources for Wuffing Studies:

Wuffings’ Who Was Who (genealogical & historical information)

Sutton Hoo: Burial-Ground of the Wuffings (some of the wonders of the royal ship-burial)

Wuffing and Related Places of Interest (sites where the Wuffings walked; and more) – work in progress

In Defence of the Wuffings (Book Review) – my response to some of Professor Martin Carver’s theories about Sutton Hoo and the kings of East Anglia.

Sutton Hoo: Burial-Ground of Dissidents? – further thoughts on Professor Martin Carver’s theories about Sutton Hoo.

The Old English Calendar

Some Wuffing Studies’ reading lists

Some Old Links to related Websites


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