About my Second Book- The Reckoning of King Rædwald: The Story of the King linked to the Sutton Hoo Ship-Burial

Book RædwaldThanks to the visionary inspiration of Mrs Edith May Pretty, the great ship-burial from Mound One at Sutton Hoo in Suffolk was revealed by archaeologist Mr Basil Brown in 1939 and found to contain some of the richest treasure ever discovered on the island of Britain. Many people have been enchanted by the wonder of this treasure, which has shone a brilliant light into the shadowy history of the early seventh century. So who was the king who lay in such majesty amidships? This book restates the case for King Rædwald with a consideration of his place in history as one of the first kings of all England and a central figure in the coming of Christianity.

“The range of consultation and learning is exemplary and reflected in this splendidly wide-ranging and persuasive life of that most important figure in East Anglia’s formative history; I’ve no doubt that it will establish itself as the standard Life!” (Norman Scarfe)

Illustrations; Appendices; Bibliography; r.r.p. £10.00

Available from the National Trust Visitors’ Centre at Sutton Hoo

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