Here I have compiled annotated genealogical information on the Wuffings for the world-wide web, based on my research since 1983. The genealogy itself is based primarily on two sources:

1. the fourteen-generation pedigree of the Wuffing king Ælfwald (c.713-749) preserved in the Anglian Collection of Old English royal genealogies (for a discussion of this important source and its relation to Old English heroic poetry, see my book, The Origins of Beowulf and the pre-Viking Kingdom of East Anglia, pp.57-64, 77-81, and the references there cited); and

2. the allusions to the East Anglian royal family provided by the famous Northumbrian monk Bede in his early eighth-century Historia Ecclesiastica.

The information is presented in three sections:

  • Section A gives the order of names contained in the upper reaches of the genealogy, descending from the ancestral father-god Woden to the eponymous personification of the family totem, Wuffa, ‘Little Wolf’. Click here for Section A of the Wuffing Genealogy.
  • Section B presents information on some of the more solidly historical Wuffings up to 749. All of the names in Section B are linked to individual pages summarizing what is known or can be deduced about these names and their bearers, with references.
  • Section C provides a Regnal List of the later Wuffing Kings, from the death of Ælfwald [749] to the last of the famous Wuffings, St Edmund (20th Nov. 869). Click here for Section C.

or simply see below for my latest graphic version of the family tree up to 749

Wuffing Genealogy P © Dr Sam Newton 2015


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