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Dr Sam Newton's Wuffings' Website

Welcome to my Wuffings' Website, which aims to provide a focus for the study of the Wuffing Kingdom of East Anglia and beyond. Within the website you will find:

Wuffing Education - Saturday Study-Days at Sutton Hoo on the history, archaeology, literature, landscape, music, and art of medieval England in general and of the Anglo-Saxon Wuffing kingdom of East Anglia in particular and its background.

Sutton Hoo and the Golden Age of East Anglia and Old England - My Wednesday morning seminars at the National Trust Visitors' Centre at Sutton Hoo, 2012-2013.

More about Me and My Works



My Books:



The Reckoning


King Rædwald






The Origins of Beowulf

and the  pre-Viking Kingdom of East Anglia

Wuffing Resources including

A Wuffings' Who Was Who (genealogical & historical information)

Sutton Hoo: Burial-Ground of the Wuffings (some of the wonders of the royal ship-burial)

Wuffing and Related Places of Interest (sites where the Wuffings walked; and more)

In defence of the Wuffings (Book Review) - my response to some recent archaeological theories about Sutton Hoo and the kings of East Anglia

The Old English Calendar

Some Wuffing Studies' reading lists

Some Old Links to related Websites



email: samnewton at wuffings.co.uk