Peter J.Lucas, Review of English Studies, ns.46, no.184 [1995], pp.545-547.

This book, based on the author's Ph.D. thesis (U. of E.Anglia 1991), seeks to demonstrate that 'Beowulf could have been composed in eighth-century East Anglia … although positive evidence is still wanting'. With commendable diligence it sifts the vast secondary literature on pertinent aspects of the subject, palaeographical, textual, historical, archaeological, and numismatic, and seeks to construct an argument on the basis of known facts and possibilities, an argument that is not contradicted by any of those known facts, controversial as many of them are. The thread of the argument is easy to follow and the book is a pleasure to read…. While many may quibble with individual factors in this intricate web of possibilities, the result is plausible, if not entirely convincing….

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