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Anglo-Saxon Gold and Cloisonné Jewellery

Gold and garnet cloisonné fitting from a late 6th or early 7th

with Dr Angela Evans
(former Curator of Early Anglo-Saxon Antiquities at the British Museum)
and Dr Noël Adams
(Deputy Curator at the Furusiyya Art Foundation)

at the Old Court, Sutton Hoo (map)
on Saturday, 7th December 2013.

An exploration of the consummate artistry of the craftsmen who created the iconic gold and garnet jewellery found aboard the Sutton Hoo ship-burial, such as the sword-hilt, scabbard and belt fittings, the great buckle and purse-lid, and the astounding shoulder-clasps.

Provisional Programme
(There may be variations to the programme on the day)
  10:00 Coffee on arrival  
  10:15 The fundamentals of garnet cloisonné, including the geology and origin of garnets, recent studies, and the different technologies of garnet inlaying (Dr Noël Adams).  
  11:15 Coffee  
  11:45 A survey of continental garnet cloisonné jewellery, including the fifth-century Apahida and Childeric graves, the high-status sixth century graves in Merovingian Europe, and the Tauschierung parallels with cloisonné, with particular reference to Sutton Hoo (Dr Noël Adams).  
  12:45 Lunch break  
  14:00 Anglo-Saxon garnet cloisonné, including the new Staffordshire hoard finds (Dr Angela Evans).  
  15:00 Tea break  
  15:15 The gold and garnet cloisonné jewellery at Sutton Hoo (Dr Angela Evans).  
  16:20 Close  

About the Speakers

Dr Angela Care Evans, retired curator of early Anglo-Saxon Antiquities at the British Museum, excavated at Sutton Hoo in the nineteen-sixties and was a contributing author and editor of the British Museum reports. She is working on the publication of the finds from the most recent excavations on the National Trust site at Sutton Hoo and completing her catalogue of Anglo-Saxon sword fittings.

Dr. Noël Adams is Deputy Curator at the Furusiyya Art Foundation. For many years she was a Special Assistant in the Department of Prehistory and Europe at the British Museum. Her doctoral thesis on Late Antique and Migration Period garnet cloisonné jewellery was written at the Institute of Archaeology, University College London. She publishes widely on material culture of the first millennium AD ranging from Late Roman hanging basins to garnet sealstones from the Kushan and Hunnic periods from the Northwest Frontier of India. She has travelled extensively in Europe and Russia, including the Caucasus. Her exhibitions include two on Anglo-Saxon archaeology at the National Trust Visitor Centre at Sutton Hoo, another on Late Medieval seal dies at the British Museum and the Thaw collection of Early Medieval objects at the Morgan Museum and Library in New York. Most recently she has co-edited and contributed papers to volumes in the British Museum Research Publication series: Good Impressions: Image and Authority in Medieval Seals (2008); 'Intelligible Beauty': Recent Research on Byzantine Jewellery (2010) and ‘Gems of Heaven’: Recent Research on Engraved Gemstones in Late Antiquity, AD 200-600 (2011). Her catalogue for the Morgan library: Bright Lights in the Dark Ages: Early Medieval Ornaments in the Thaw Collection is in print.

Some suggestions for further reading
(useful but not essential)

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