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The Luttrell Psalter: a mirror of medieval life and death

The magnificent plough page from the Psalter (British Library)

with Professor Michelle Brown

No longer cancelled
This will now take place as planned this Saturday

in The Old Court, Sutton Hoo (map)
on Saturday, 28th April, 2012

The Luttrell Psalter is one of the supreme expressions of Gothic art. Remarkably, not only is the patron of the work, Sir Geoffrey Luttrell (1276-1345), lord of the manor of Irnham in Lincolnshire, named in the book, but he, his family, the people who worked his land and the world they knew are depicted in detail on its pages. They are joined by a riot of bizarre grotesques - the forces of chaos waiting to pounce on the unwary and to overturn the divine order in an age when pestilence and famine stalked the land, queens and their lovers overthrew kings, and the peasants were revolting.

Provisional Programme
  10.00 Coffee on arrival  
  10.15 The Luttrell Psalter, an introduction  
  11.15 Coffee  
  11.45 Making a medieval manuscript: makers, materials and techniques  
  12.45 Lunch break (bring picnic or eat in NT restaurant)  
  14:00 Reading the Luttrell Psalter and its images  
  15:00 Tea break  
  15:15 Time exploring the facsimile of the Luttrell Psalter  
  c.16:20 Close  

About Professor Michelle Brown

Michelle Brown, FSA, is Professor of Medieval Manuscript Studies and Course Tutor to the History of the Book MA at the School of Advanced Study, University of London. She was formerly the Curator of Medieval and Illuminated Manuscripts at the British Library. She has published, lectured and broadcast widely on the subject of medieval manuscripts and cultural history.

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