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The English Rebellions of 1549

The death of Robert Kett depicted on the doors of Norwich City Hall (Andy Wood)

with Professor Andy Wood

in The Old Court, Sutton Hoo (map)
on Saturday, 29th January, 2011

A look at the rebellions that gripped southern and eastern England in 1549, culminating in a sequence of bloody battles in Norwich. Known to Norfolk people as “Kett’s rebellion”, the insurrections were a far from local affair, involving working people in a struggle with their superiors over fundamental issues - faith, power, authority and liberty.

Provisional Programme
  10.00 Coffee on arrival  
  10.15 The Background to Kett’s Rebellion - This session looks at the political, social and economic background to the events of 1549, and at the spread of rebellion across southern England between April and July 1549.  
  11.15 Coffee  
  11.45 Kett’s Rebellion - The events within East Anglia (and especially in Norfolk) in July-August 1549.  
  12.45 Lunch break  
  14:00 Rebel Politics - What did Robert Kett stand for? What kind of political opinions did his followers articulate? What kind of sources can we use to access the voices of the ordinary people of Tudor England?  
  15:00 Tea break  
  15:15 The Memory of 1549 - This session looks at the remembrance of Kett’s rebellion – both official and popular – between the winter of 1549 and the unveiling of a plaque at the entrance to Norwich castle in 1949 commemorating Kett’s rebellion.  
  16:15 Close  

About Professor Andy Wood

Andy Wood is Professor of Social History at the University of East Anglia. His publications include The politics of social conflict: the Peak Country, 1520-1770 (Cambridge UP, 1999), Riot, rebellion and popular politics in early modern England (Palgrave, 2002) and The 1549 rebellions and the making of early modern England (Cambridge UP, 2007). He is currently writing a book about customary law and popular memory in the period 1450-1800.

Some suggestions for further reading
(useful but not essential)

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