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Picturing the Past - Photography and Archaeology

by Eric Holder

with Eric Houlder LRPS, MIfL

at Tranmer House, Sutton Hoo (map)
on Saturday 6th June 2009

The story of archaeological photography with Eric Houlder, who has been photographing archaeology since 1957 and worked on many sites, including Sutton Hoo in the sixties with Rupert Bruce-Mitford & Paul Ashbee.

Archaeologists have been using photography to record their work for a century and a half, but it is only in the last sixty years that the subject has been divided into a series of specialist disciplines. This day school is aimed particularly at interested members of the general public, but amateur and professional archaeologists and amateur photographers will find it equally fascinating and useful. It will be approached from the archaeological perspective, with a minimum of technicalities, concentrating always upon the finished pictures. As befits the location, there will be some discussion of the historiography of photography at Sutton Hoo, from Basil Brown onwards.

Provisional Programme
  10.00 Coffee on arrival  
  10.15 Photography in Archaeological Excavation  
  11.15 Coffee  
  11.45 A Photographer on the 1960s Sutton Hoo Excavation  
  12.45 Lunch break  
  14:00 Aerial Photography in Archaeology  
  15:00 Tea break  
  15:15 Photography of Human and Animal Remains in Archaeology  
  16:15 Close  

About Eric Houlder LRPS, MIfL

Eric Houlder LRPS, MIfL, has been photographing archaeology since 1957, from the days of glass plates to digital imaging. Through what he describes as a series of accidents he has been fortunate to meet and sometimes work with many of the great British archaeologists of the past half century. From one of Dr Bruce-Mitford & Paul Ashbee’s supervisors on the ‘60s dig at Sutton Hoo, to his retirement as Site Photographer to the Wood Hall Archaeological Trust, via flying with Derrick Riley during the hot summers of the ‘70s, and photographing the Towton Battlefield skeletons, his work has been at the forefront of archaeological imaging. An accomplished speaker, he now travels throughout the country such is the demand for his illustrated talks.

Some suggestions for further reading
(useful but not essential)

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