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The Magical Protection of Buildings

Timothy with the contents of a 17th – 18th century Suffolk Spiritual from Great Ashfield (EADT)

with Timothy Easton

at Tranmer House, Sutton Hoo (map)
on Saturday 4th November 2006

A day exploring how Suffolk builders and householders found ways to appease the fear of invasion by malign spirits in the home. Most of the evidence dates from the 16th century or later, but we shall see how some of the practices used have a much older history.

Provisional Programme
  10.00 Coffee on arrival  
  10.15 Using the archaeological record we will explore the methods used by Suffolk householders to protect themselves and their stock from evil spirits.  
  11.15 Coffee  
  11.30 An examination of the benefits of protection using scribed marks in the vulnerable parts of buildings such as doors, windows, and the chimney.  
  12.30 Lunch break  
  14:00 A look at more symbols from furniture and household utensils, especially those associated with the Virgin Mary before the Reformation and after.  
  15:00 Tea break  
  15:15 A consideration of the evidence for specialist protective magic in Suffolk houses and how it relates to continuing practices in other parts of the world.  
  16:15 Close  

About Timothy Easton

Timothy Easton is an artist and architectural historian who has lived in Suffolk since 1972. As a specialist in the use of historic colour he is a consultant for the Globe Theatre and the Getty Museum in London. He has been recording and collecting archaeological material associated with protective magic for buildings for many years and has pioneered the study of the magical protection of buildings.

Some suggestions for further reading
(useful but not essential)

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