Section A: The Upper Reaches of the Wuffing Genealogy

These names may be regarded as deriving from pre- or proto-historical dynastic legend, originally preserved in Old English genealogical poetrySome of the names are alliteratively grouped, and may refer to different origin-myths.  The possible meaning of some of the names is suggested.

1. Woden - ancestral father-god of all the Old English royal families
2. Caser - "Kaiser" or "Caesar", symbolically filiated to Woden

3. Tyttman
4. Trygil - 'Little Boat'?

5. Hroğmund - identifiable as Hroğmund, prince of Denmark in Beowulf (See Chapter 4 of my book)
6. Hryp

7. Wilhelm - 'Wolf-Helm'
8. Wehha - "first to rule over the East Anglian folk in Britain" (Historia Brittonum, 59)

9. Wuffa - 'Little Wolf'; "from whom East Anglian kings were thenceforth named Wuffings" (HE, II, 15)

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